My Baby Bullet Blunder

My Baby Bullet Blunder

I saw the “Nutribullet Baby Bullet Food Blender” during my first visit to buybuy BABY (yes, I went in person to a real store!) when I was probably 6 weeks pregnant. You know, when you’re already “glowing” but the nausea and back aches and bloating and heartburn and belly touching hasn’t started yet? This product would end up being the biggest waste of money and time out of all the items on my registry.

I had used an “adult” NutriBullet in the past and working in the nutrition industry felt pressure to provide my baby with the best eating journey possible. That meant exclusive breastfeeding and introducing solids at the right time in the right way. The Baby Bullet seemed like the obvious choice for a nutritionally minded mom-to-be. Plus, a quick skim of the Amazon reviews confirmed what I anticipated: easily making purees for your baby – saving so much time and providing food storage with cuteness to boot. Click-click-click, and the Baby Bullet was on my registry.

When my son turned 6 months old, I methodically prepared to introduce him to solids. “Avocado puree” and “homemade rice cereal” were among the first items on my spreadsheet. My son’s very first “solid” was a bust, and not just because he made the most disgusted, betrayed face after a few “bites” of avocado mush.

I felt stupid for pureeing avocado because it was already a soft food, but I had the Baby Bullet and I figured that’s what a good mom would do. It would be an easy first task for the blender, making an avocado-formula puree. I was mistaken. I even followed a two-ingredient recipe from a booklet provided by NutriBullet, but the blender failed me miserably. The blades struggled to puree even the bottommost tablespoons of avocado. I tried again with the rice cereal a few days later just to give it another chance, but the product couldn’t do the one job it was supposed to: puree. I quickly came to terms with the fact that the distant relative who bought the Baby Bullet from our registry basically paid $70 for 6 cute storage containers.

In frustration, I left the Baby Bullet a bad (honest) review on Amazon, and it was after that I discovered other internet users had similar poor experiences as me. I’ve suspected for a while that I should stop relying on Amazon reviews to guide my purchases, and this experience solidified that realization for me. For now, I’ve been steaming and mashing and mixing homemade baby food on my own, and the Baby Bullet seems to have been unnecessary all along.

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